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- Eighties -

Downloading Note:  The best way to download these files is to Right-click the mouse on the link and select 'Save Target as...' option, and save the file to your desktop.  Its not a good idea to left-click the links and open the file directly in the browser.


FT-301 HF Transceiver

FV-301 Ext. VFO

YO-301 Monitor Scope

FT-301_Owners_manual.pdf (3.9MB)          FT-301_advert.jpg  (53KB) FV-301.pdf (565KB) YO-301.pdf (3.2MB)  YO-301_advert.jpg (45KB)

FC-301 Tuner

Landliner 301 phone patch

(for later model FT-301's only)

FC-301.pdf (511KB) LL-301.pdf (846KB)  

FT-107 HF Transceiver (rig and accessories available in cream or slate grey)

FV-107 External VFO

FTV-107R VHF/UHF Transverter

FT-107M.pdf (10.2MB)  FT-107-Tech-section 2.pdf (4.1MB)  FT-107-Tech-section 3.pdf (2.4MB)FT107_DMS_Unit_Install.pdf (1MB)  FV-107.pdf  (1.65MB)    FTV-107R.pdf (1.95MB)

SP-107P Speaker

SP107P.pdf (2.5MB)

FC-107 Tuner

FC107.pdf (6.75MB)

FP-107E External PSU

FP107E.pdf (1.32MB)


FT-221 2Meter Transceiver

FT-225RD 2Meter Transceiver

FT-625RD 6Meter Transceiver

FT-221_Inst_Man.pdf  (3.5MB)    FT-221_service.pdf  (26.8MB)   FT-221_225_Servicemanual_MuTek.pdf (186KB)   YC-221.pdf (1.87MB) FT-225RD_Manual.pdf (13.6MB)  FT-225RD_Schematic.pdf (1.8MB) FT-625RD.pdf (4.5MB)  FT-625D_advert.jpg  (27KB)


FT-ONE HF Transceiver

FT-80C Pro HF Transceiver

FT-890 HF Transceiver

FT-One.pdf (5.6MB)  FT-One_Tech_manual.pdf (24MB)   FT-ONE_advert.jpg (56KB) FT-80C.pdf (1.9MB)  FT-80C_service.pdf  (15MB) FT-890.pdf (26.2MB)   FT-890 Tech Supplement.pdf (116MB) (2.3MB)    FP-800.pdf  (3.3MB)




YD-844 Desk Microphone


Anyone like to donate a manual??



FT-726 VHF/UHF Transceiver


FT-736R VHF/UHF Transceiver

FT-77 HF Transceiver 

FT-726R.pdf (7MB)    FT-726_advert.jpg (25KB) FT-726_advert2.jpg (253KB) FT-736R.pdf (10MB)  FIF-232C.pdf (118KB)   FT-736_Tech_supp.pdf (38.2MB) FT-77_Manual.pdf (27MB)  FC-700_ATU_oper_man.pdf (1.1MB)  FT77_option_install.pdf (300KB)

MD-1 Base Microphone

SP-6P External Speaker

FT-707 HF Transciever

MD-1 Mic.pdf (466KB)   SP-6P.pdf (1.5MB) FT-707.pdf (10MB) FT-707_serv_man.pdf (27.8MB)     FTV-707.pdf (5.6MB)

FT-747GX HF Transciever

FT-757GX HF Transciever

FT-767GX HF Transciever

FT-747GX.pdf  (6.5MB)   FT-747_Tech_supp.pdf (16MB)   FC-1000.pdf  (3.54MB)  FT-757GX.pdf (7.5MB)  FC-757AT.pdf (4.3MB)  FRB-757_Relay.pdf  (897KB)  FT757GX_serv.pdf (9.8MB)   FP-757GX.pdf (2.8MB) FP-757HD_Manual.pdf (296KB)

FT-757GXII Manual.pdf (3MB) FT-757GXII_Tech_supp.pdf (2.4MB) FT-757GXII_Service.pdf (7.2MB)

FT-757GX_advert.jpg (25KB)

FT-767GX.pdf (5.6MB)  FT-767GX_tech_supp.pdf (31.7MB)  FT-767_Schematic.pdf  (4.1MB)  FTS-8_Installation.pdf (851KB)  FT-767GX_2m_6m_70cm_Installation.pdf  (343KB)   FT-767_VHF-UHF_Addendum.pdf (218KB)FT-767 control (2.3MB)

FT-980 HF Transceiver

FL-7000 HF Linear Amp

CPU-2500R 2M Transceiver 

FT-980.pdf (5.9MB) FT-980_tech_supplement.pdf (35.9MB)   FT-980_advert.jpg (26KB) FL-7000.pdf (6.2MB) CPU-2500r.pdf  (3.56MB)  CPU-2500R_SVC_Man.pdf  (4.29MB)

FT-227R 2M Transceiver 

FT-720R VHF/UHF Transceiver

FT-230R 2M FM Transceiver 

FT227R_memoriser_manual.pdf (4.9MB)   FT-227R_Tech_manual.pdf (2.2MB)  FT-720R.pdf (2.2MB) FT-230R.pdf (7MB)   ft230_schematic.pdf (517KB)

FT-270R 2M Transceiver

FT-290R 2M Transceiver

FT-290R II 2M Transceiver

FT-270R.pdf  (4MB) FT290R.pdf  (11.4MB)  FT-290R_Allignment_and_schematic.pdf (2.7MB) FT-290RII.pdf  (3.2MB)    FL-2025_6025_7025_Linears.pdf (498KB)  

FT-680R 6M Transceiver

FT-480R 2M Transceiver

FT-780R 70CM Transceiver

  FT-680R.pdf  (4.1MB)    FT-680_advert.jpg (23KB) FT-480R.pdf  (7.1MB)  FT-480r_tech_pages.pdf  (1.8MB)  FT-480r_serv_man.pdf  (27.2MB) FT-780R.pdf (10MB)

FT-202R 2M FM Transceiver

FT-203R 2M FM Transceiver

FT-208R 2M FM Transceiver

FT-202R.pdf (3.1MB) FT-203R.pdf  (4.3MB) FT-208R.pdf  (3.7MB)

FT-703R 70cm FM Transceiver

FT-470 2m/70cm FM Transceiver

FT-207R 2m FM Transceiver

FT-703R.pdf  (8.9MB)   FT-703R_tech_supp.pdf   (23MB) FT-470_Operating_manual.pdf  (3.55MB)  FT-470_Quick_reference_card.pdf (191KB)  FT-470_Schematic.pdf  (1MB)  FT-470_Technical_supplement.pdf  (13.5MB) FT-207R.pdf  (4.1MB)

FT-209R 144Mhz FM Transceiver

FT-109RH 220Mhz FM Transceiver

FT-209R.pdf (4.48MB)    FT-209R_Techsupp.pdf (11.5MB) FT-109RH.pdf (3.25MB)     
FT-x09_Brochure.pdf (651KB)  
Yaesu FT-711RH

FT-711RH 2M Transceiver 

FT-212RH 2M Transceiver 

YS-60 & YS-500 SWR/Power Meters

FT-711RH_tech_supp.pdf (2.5MB) FT-212RH.pdf (3.7MB)   FT-212RH_Alignment.pdf  (1.1MB) YS-60.pdf (156KB) YS-500.pdf (142KB)
  Yaesu_range_catalog_Eighties.pdf (3.1MB)  
  Yaesu_Mic_connections.pdf (57KB)  

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