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- FRoG's -

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FRG-7 HF Comms Receiver

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Click to join yaesu_frg-7


FRG-7000 HF Comms Receiver

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Click to join FRG-7000


FRG-7700 HF Comms Receiver

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FRG-7.pdf (7.5MB)     FRG-7_advert.jpg (63KB)   FRG-7000.pdf (4.4MB)   FRG-7000-advert.jpg (50KB) FRG-7700_manual.pdf (5MB)   FRG-7700_Circuit_diagram.pdf (1.2MB)    FRG-7700_service_manual.pdf (20MB)  PA0PGA's FRG-7700 Survival guide.pdf NEW Version 2! (42.5MB)  FRG-7700-advert.jpg (52KB)


FRA-7700 Active Antenna

FRT-7700 Receiving ATU

FRV-7700 VHF Transverter

FRA-7700_manual.pdf (390KB)     FRT-7700_manual.pdf (203KB)    FRV-7700_manual.pdf (2.1MB)

FRG-8800 HF Comms Receiver

Click to join yaesufrg8800

Click to join yaesufrg8800


FRG-9600 VHF/UHF Scanner

FRG-100 HF Comms Receiver

FRG-8800.pdf  (1.6MB)      FRG-8800-service.pdf (6.2MB)   FRG-8800_advert.jpg (320KB) FRG-9600.pdf (5.1MB)   FRG-9600_Service_manual.pdf (13.3MB)   FRG-965_advert.jpg (286KB) FRG-100.pdf (3.7MB )   FRG-100_tech_supp.pdf (11.8MB)

VR-5000 Comms Receiver


  VR-5000.pdf (2.2MB)  VR-5000_brochure.pdf (438KB)

VR-5000 Operating Manual.pdf (1.72 Mb)


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