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- Current Yaesu radios -

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Please go to for the original manuals and brochures, as these are not guaranteed to be the most up to date copies!!

FT-817 HF/VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver

FT-857 HF/VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver

FT-897 HF/VHF/UHF Portable Transceiver

FT-817ND.pdf (4MB)   FT-817_tech_supplement.pdf (19.3MB)  FT-817-brochure.pdf (455KB) FT-857.pdf  (3.3MB)    FT-857_tech_supplement.pdf (12.7MB)   FT-857_Brochure.pdf  (1.8MB) FT-897D_Operating Manual.pdf (3.2MB)   FT-897_tech_supp.pdf (11.7MB) FT-897 Schematic.pdf (1.1MB)   FT-897_brochure.pdf (833KB)  FC-30.pdf (355KB)

ATAS-25 HF Antenna

ATAS-120 Tuneable mobile HF/VHF/UHF Antenna for FT-100/847/857/897

FC-40 HF-6 Auto Tuner for FT-857/FT-897

ATAS-25_OpManual.pdf (618KB)   ATAS-120.pdf (110KB)   ATAS-120tech_supplement.pdf (429KB) FC-40_Installation_Instrucitons.pdf  (771KB)   FC-40_brochure.pdf (202KB)

FT-1000MP Mark V HF Transceiver

FT-1000MP Mark V Field HF Transceiver

FTV-1000 6M Transverter

MARK V_Brochure.pdf (1MB)   MARK-V FT-1000MP.pdf (4.4MB)  FT-1000MP_V_tech_overview.pdf  (19.3MB)  MARK-V Service Manual.pdf (116MB)  Fp-29.pdf (1.35MB) MARK V Field_Brochure.pdf  (1.8MB)   MARK-V FT-1000MP Field_OpMan.pdf (3.3MB) FTV-1000_Brochure.pdf (360KB)  FTV-1000_Operating Manual.pdf  (738KB)  Relay unit FRB-5A.pdf (345KB)

MD-200 Base Microphone

MD-100 Base Microphone

SP-8 External Speaker

MD200A8X manual.pdf  (895KB) MD-100_Manual.pdf (257KB) SP-8_Manual.pdf (1MB)

FT-2800 2M Transceiver

FT-7800R 2/70 Transceiver

FT-8800R 2/70 Transceiver

FT-2800m_oper.pdf  (723KB)  FT-2800M_brochure.pdf  (679KB)  FT-2800M Technical Supplement.pdf (2.77MB) FT-7800R.pdf  (2.9MB)  FT-7800R_Brochure.pdf (324KB) FT-8800R.pdf  (1.5MB)  FT-8800R_Brochure.pdf (316KB)

VL-1000 HF Linear Amp

FT-8900R 10/6/2/70 Transceiver

VL-1000_specs.pdf  (225KB) FT-8900R.pdf  (1.6MB)  FT-8900R_brochure.pdf  (1MB)  

VX-2R 2/70 Transceiver

VX-6R 2/70 Transceiver

VX-7R 6/2/70 Transceiver

VX-2R.pdf (1.4MB) VX-6R Operating Manual.pdf (2.7MB)  VX-6R_Brochure.pdf (1.3MB) vx7.pdf (2.4MB)  vx7r_tech_supplement.pdf (11.3MB)  VX-7R_Brochure.pdf (513KB)

FT-60R 2/70 Transceiver


VR-120D Wideband receiver

FT-60R_Manual.pdf  (2.3MB)   FT-60R_Brochure.pdf  (266KB)   VR-120D_brochure.pdf  (734KB)   VR-120D_manual.pdf  (631KB)

VX-110 2m Transceiver

VX-150 2m Transceiver

VR-500 Wideband receiver

VX-110.pdf  (401KB)  VX-110_brochure.pdf  (166KB) VX-150.pdf (451KB)  VX-150_brochure.pdf  (169KB) VR-500.pdf  (518KB)  VR-500_Brochure.pdf  (146KB)



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