Ftdx570 restoration

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Ftdx570 restoration

Postby N9axl » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:45 pm

I've started on one of these. I'm getting a burning smell from the final cage - I think the coupling capacitors need replaced. Can someone verify these are .001 and .0047 6000v? The 56ohm resistor on the final cap is broken- no surprise there after 40 years sitting in a heat box.

The PS caps seem ok. No bubbling, damage, obvious. It would be good to replace them.but I'd like to do this with the same style caps and not wire caps in below. Are these available? If so where?

This has a working fan. I'm thinking of adding a high speed squirrel box fan to increase air flow.

This seems in basically good shape. Someone has been in this judging by the buggered case screws I had to drill out but nothing unrepairable. Also a loose ceramic 10pf cap -418 I think - just hanging in space. I need to track where that goes.
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