FT-1000D power out fluctuation

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FT-1000D power out fluctuation

Postby wb2dyb » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:00 pm

Hi folks, been lurking here for years, now need to try to not re-invent the wheel...

I have had a FT-1000D since new in 1990 and has been flawless all this time. It sat for a couple of years while I was moving around and not using it again I have discovered a problem that was not there even two months ago. Antenna/load stable, low VSWR. Tuner in or out same thing. Transmit a carrier, as in CW and advance the power level and just about 100W and 9A of Ic the power rhythmically goes up and down the rate of this becomes more rapid as called power is lowered to 100. In other words, set power at max and the power indicator will jump doen and up at say, a 5 hz rate, looks like down to zero and then back up. As RF Power is reduced the rate may change to approx 7 hz till you get to about 95 watts and it becomes stable.

I was thinking power supply but on 40 it is ok, really only noticed it on 20m and up in freq. On 40 it doesn't do it. Not current limiting, when it does it on 20 the problem starts about 9 Amps of Ic, on 40 at full 200W out I get north of 15Amps, and Vcc is rock solid at 30V, may wiggle a half volt as it loads. Though changing filter caps is on the to-do list.

I just bought a second FT-1000D off eBay. Just the finest radio I have ever used.

Anybody ever seen this...before I start tearing the rig apart?


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