FT 767 two parallel 12-17 volt transformer windings

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FT 767 two parallel 12-17 volt transformer windings

Postby vk5ht » Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:36 am


The FT 767 has 2 secondary 16v windings joined in parallel at the inputs to the smaller 10amp bridge rectifier.

They are 4 wires colour coded perhaps for good reason. Green, brown, blue, red. Does anyone know which colours go together in pairs to the smaller AC bridge rectifier input. The reason may be if they are incorrect and opposite, the two windings may cancel each other out and or cause a voltage drop which is one of my issues. If someone has a junked FT767 or one open I would like to know what you think. This colour code of the 4 wires is not in the service manual that I can find.

As I bought the radio it has the ...red and blue together one side of the bridge and the ...brown and green at the other input to the bridge. This appears to be correct. Just need to know for sure and hope its not a faulty secondary winding on the transformer even though it tests Ok.

Thanks in advance.
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