FT-757GX Intermittent Display - Fix

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FT-757GX Intermittent Display - Fix

Postby w6nfu » Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:18 am

The Display on my 757gx would go ON and OFF simply by tapping on the top of the front bezel.
The problem was a crack in the circuit board trace between Pin 1 of Q-2067 (the CPU) and Resistors R-2307 and R-2306 on the Local Board as the board was pushed down with a screwdriver in the area of Q-2067 Pin 1, causing the Display to flicker ON and OFF.
Rather than remove the Local Board, a jumper was soldered between Q-2067 Pin 1 and R-307, now the Display is rock-solid.
This seems to be a recurring problem with the Displays as these sets age.
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