Tempo/Uniden 2020

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Tempo/Uniden 2020

Postby KM4GDU » Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:50 pm

Hello to all this is my first post here.
My name is Carl and I live in NC.

I have my Grandfathers Tempo 2020 that I have been using for about 9 months he bought it new in the 70's
Since I started to use it I have found some things are not working as they should. The the S-meter which is stuck in the middle, NB switch does nothing, I can not get a full 100w on every band...etc
the other night I was taking on 80M and something got hot and there was smoke. I shut is down and then powered it up the next day and noticed it was is constant transmit mode. I then noticed that the VOX,OFF,MAN switch was in the "MAN" position. When I turn it to the off position it was working again. now I have never seen this switch do anything before so I do not know what happen.

With all of the little problems and the reduction of magic smoke I am going to dive into it and go completely through the radio and get it back up to working the way it is suppose to.

I do have a somewhat complete parts radio to work from if needed.

so I may be looking for some advice.

One question that I have is I know that the 11 meter is receive only and can be modified to transmit(not legal). Is is possible to change this to use a different band like 60,30 12 or 6 meters?
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Re: Tempo/Uniden 2020

Postby KG4MAV » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:00 pm

Hi Carl,
Please understand I am not, nor do I like to play OO's on boards. I need to point out something to you if you are not aware. As a Technician you don't have voice privileges on 80/75 except CW/Data. At least according to my latest download from ARRL. I don't know if you are a member there, but you might want to go and download the Amateur Radio Bands chart. You can go direct to the ARRL's site to find it. http://www.arrl.org/graphical-frequency-allocations
As to the mods for the 6,12 meters, you might want to try www.mods.dk. He has a lot of stuff on that board and worth every cent we pay to access it if we wish to donate.
I hope you are able to fix your radio, I did an FT-901DM when I first got my General ticket and love that radio. I replaced the caps, diodes, resisters, and all of the relays on it. It came from a smokers home so it was awful smelling when I got it. A good trick it to use is some Fabrize (sp) on a rag and put it inside of it for a couple of weeks. They remove the rag and you don't smell it anymore....sorta. I still smell some of it mine every once in awhile even though I scrubbed the boards before repopulating them with all new.

Russ Abbey, KG4MAV
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