Western 70tv 432mhz Transverter Help wanted !!

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Western 70tv 432mhz Transverter Help wanted !!

Postby carl » Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:52 pm

Hi to all
The western 70tv is a 432mhz transverter and works with the FT-101 radio it looks like the 144mhz transverter FTV-250 and the 50mhz FTV-650b same shape and size (it's a shame that yaesu did not make a 70cm one)
or if they did i have never seen one maybe someone out there has a western 70tv if so could they please email a wiring diagram or a manual to me i got it from a radio rally to go with my ft-101 it looks in good shape but it came without a power lead :(

The power plug is a 4 pin mike type which i had at home so i started to make a lead up and took the case off the transverter to match the
+ and - but i found there was 4 wires blue,red,earth,brown on the socket i tried to see if i could match it up but then thought it would be better if someone could send me any info first thanks for looking :)
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