FC-102 Tuner questions

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FC-102 Tuner questions

Postby K7ZSA » Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:56 pm

Hello all FT'rs. I recently acquired a FC-102 tuner that had its peak hold and power level switching wiring hacked by a previous owner. I see some discrepancies between componants on the circuit board and what the schematic says...especially in the power level selector dropping resistors. Were there changes made to this circuit by Yaesu? These dropping resistors are original, just not the same value as on the schematic.
Anybody have input about this?
Additional note: I now believe the cut traces and jumpers on the Peak Hold circuit board, PB-2381, are factory last minute changes. The major changes involve the resistor divider network for the three power input switchable levels. My unit differs from the schematic ( VA3VFO ) and it appears to be factory work. Any fellow "component level" techs out there who have any info?
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