FTV-650 questions?

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FTV-650 questions?

Postby KD6KWZ » Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:33 am

Through a SK sale, I picked up a Swan SWR meter, with a "door prize" (it was that, or they would send it to recycle/scrap) of a FTV-650 Transverter. The original all tube edition. Yes, it has the manual & the special link cable, but I have no other equipment that would hook up to it.

So, I need to know:

1. Will it work with FM? Nothing about FM is in the manual, but FM may have been rare on 10 meters when it was written. It will work with AM & SSB.

2. What should I use for a power supply, or which Yaesu models will work directly?

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Postby Ghostwriter » Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:18 am

Hi Mike,

The FTV-650B should be able to operate 6 meter FM although you'll need to use a transceiver capable of driving 100 milliwatts at 28 to 30 MHz for transverter to mix the I.F. correctly and cover 52 to 54 MHz FM portion of 6 meters. You'll need a separate High Voltage and Filament Voltage Power Supply because it is Vacuum Tube vintage. That tranverter uses a single 6146B in the Final and should have 40 RF Watts Output on FM.

If you had a FT-101ZD, FT-901DM or FT-902DM HF CW/SSB/AM/FM transceiver with the internal FM module, I believe you could plug in the Power Cable and separate Tx & Rx RCA Plugs into the rear of transceivers, flip the switch on the transverter to 52~54 MHz and be on 6 meter FM.

The original FTV-650 transverter was designed for the FT-101 "B & E" HF Series but they weren't capable of the FM mode.

I owned one of those transverters back in 1978, drove a Henry Tempo 6N2 KW on SSB and Worked All States and many countries around the world ... lt was a lot of fun!


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