YR-901 Identification

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YR-901 Identification

Postby M0TVU » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:15 pm

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Hello again,

I have a YR-901 which doesn't seem to conform to that described in the manual.
Apparently there should be some switches to switch the keying output near the back end on the unit. Mine doesn't have these and there is an un-identified board where the AFSK option should be. (mine has no AFSK output).

Can anyone please help. Is this an early model? Is there a manal available for this model?

I have this connected to my FT-101ZD MkIII and it all seems to work a treat with the Original Monitor and Keyboard. (Yet to try on RTTY). I actually amazed at how good it is. :)

If anyone out there can help identify the production run i'd like to know.

Regards - Paul (M0TVU)
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