FT-101ZD MKIII and YO-901 Connections

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FT-101ZD MKIII and YO-901 Connections

Postby K2FX » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:20 am

Can anyone tell me exactly how to connect the FT-101ZD MKIII to a YO-901 Monitor Scope cable for cable? I was hoping to be able to see received signals as well as transmit, but unless using a FT-902DM, I am now not sure you can. Is this true? My YO-901 has the band scope installed. Any help would be most appreciated!!

73's..Paul, K2FX
Best 73's..Paul, K2FX
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Postby G4FUT » Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:56 pm

I know this is a very old post but just in case someone else has just purchased a YO-901 for the FT101zd I include this.

I got this from a friend on FoxTango.com

The YO901 is full of little relays, and I have found on my one that these are
very critical in regards to contact resistance, I have tried pulling the tops
off and giving them a good dousing in switch cleaner etc, but that only effects
a temporary solution, it would seem as the contact spring system has lost its
strength and now does not provide a good low resistance path across the
closed contacts, when the relay is energized the contacts that are then closed
pass the signals well, due to being held tightly together.

Short of replacement of all these relays, there's not much else you can do.

Additionally, if I remember correctly I have tried mine on both of my FT101ZD's
without much success on the receiver / bandscope side, but when I have used it
on my FT901, it worked (after a fashion) !!! Its not exactly a lab spec Spectrum
analyzer !!! It did show the band, say +/- 50Khz from the centre frequency, but
the resolution was not very good nor was the level of the signals very
representative of the actual signal levels, the signal thats in the middle of
the RX passband, causes AGC action if its big enough and that of course
compresses the levels of all the other signals.....maybe modding the RX and
removing the AGC from the RF Amp and Wideband IF stages, will stop that, but may
cause mayhem else where!!
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