FT101Z and FV-101DM HELP

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FT101Z and FV-101DM HELP

Postby G0KNK » Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:19 pm

HI to all can anyone help please, Have received a FV-101DM connected the patch lead nothing happens, Can I use the FV-101DM on this rig the FT101 Z as the ft101z has only the 6 pin din plug and not the 8 pin din plug like on the FT101 ZD's....as my rig the FT101Z is analog read out only can I use the FV101DM or is there a Mod to make the FV-101DM To work with the FT101Z
Thanks for looking but do need helpppppppp.....

Thanks Barrie
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FT-101Z and FV-101BM

Postby Ghostwriter » Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:01 pm

Hello Barrie,

Here's what I will suggest for you to do, Go to the Fox Tango main page and click on the Download Files for U.K..

Then scroll down to the FV-101Z Analog VFO and Download that PDF File to your computer.

Next go to the FV-101DM Scanning Digital VFO and Download this PDF File to your computer.

Once you have both files copied to your computer, you can open them up and do an A versus B comparison between both VFOs. You may come to the same conclusion that I did. I do not think it's worth your time and energy modify the FV-101DM Digital VFO to make it compatible with either a FT-101Z Mark I or Mark II H.F. transceiver.

The only YAESU FT-101ZD Mark III H.F. transceiver that is compatible with the FV-101DM External VFO. It's not like you don't have another H.F. transceiver to fullfill the External VFO Function.

These are my opinions.


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Postby G0KNK » Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:25 pm

Thanks Dan, I will do that, but being a home all day after a hip replacement and nothing to do think I will just try and give it a go..........

Thanks Barrie
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