FL-2100B doorknob caps

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FL-2100B doorknob caps

Postby K7ZSA » Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:41 pm

Hello All. I've searched threads and links but so far have not found a source for the doorknob HV caps used in the FL-2100B amplifier. Specifically, I'm searching for C224, 100pf 3KV. I would prefer to use as close to original size and shape as possible.
Great group and I'm sure there's an answer out there.
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H.V. Doorknob Capacitors FL-2100B

Postby Ghostwriter » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:35 pm

Hello Jeff,

On the YAESU FL Series RF Amplifiers Models: FL-2100 “B, F & Z” RF Amplifiers for the components C215 & 224 100pf are Yaesu's Part # K24356101 - RDA30 3 KV.

Take the time to read Carol Mahers, W4CLM (from FoxTango.Org) thoughts on the FL Series RF Amplifiers, it's definitely interesting and very informative.

Here's the web link:


Here's three (3) ways to contact YAESU, USA:

Vertex/Standard USA (YAESU)
10900 Walker Street
Cypress, CA 90603
1 (714) 827-7600 (This is the BEST method)

Yaesu USA - web page contact form here:

Yaesu Customer Service (e-mail)

Alternative Supplier:


(CFC) HT580100-5J 100 pF 5 kv 9.8 amps $14.00 Each

Make absolutely sure that the above Doorknob Capacitor will physically fit into your FL-2100B RF Amplifier. The Higher Voltage Rating is perfectly acceptable for your application.

All of the information provided was found on the Internet.


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FL-2100B HV caps

Postby K7ZSA » Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:03 pm

Success. The HV doorknob caps are still available from Vertex/Standard and were just a phone call and credit card away. Thanks to Dan WA9WVX for his tip.
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