Need meter for FL-2100Z (or B)

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Need meter for FL-2100Z (or B)

Postby W7DGP » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:18 am

The Ip/SWR meter in my FL-2100Z has an open reading. I tested this by disconnecting my HV meter and connecting it as the Ip meter. After replacing numerous burned out components and a new set of tubes, the amp works great and I can use the former HV meter to adjust output.

I need a replacement meter. Either would work. The Ip/SWR meter comes with a shunt (looks like a coil) that calibrates it. I could use this shunt also. Yaesu/Vertex says they have no meters for amps.

Any help with finding a replacement meter would be greatly appreciated.

Larry, W7DGP
FT-102, FL-2100Z
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