2100B dead band

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2100B dead band

Postby kc9vzb » Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:37 am

Ok I;m signed up and the thread is now gone.It was about an amp with 20 meter band out.I think I know the answer from reading posts here.I just wanted to run this by the experts.My 40 meter band is dead, all others are great.most likely the band switch? I bought new caps for the input circuit but never put them in,it was working.So if an input cap is bad it would mess up swr and not so much power?If thats the case I just need more antennas and worry about 40 when I'm board .I'd rather build an amp than change one of those wafers.It would be hard just to pull it off the shelf. I can't remember if I changed the HV caps or not so I'll have to open it up sooner or later.
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