FL-2500 bias voltage

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FL-2500 bias voltage

Postby kmet » Sun Jan 06, 2008 8:27 am

Hi there..
Finaly I manage to get new components for all burn-out parts of my FL-2500 linear amplifier. I need one help..
Ham(s) before me are making some modifications in schematics and wiring inside amplifier, I decide to make linear amp back to original (official Yaesu schematics), and that was done..but...
How to adjust rheostat for biasing output tubes? Do any of you have data
regarding biasing 6KD6 tubes? How high I need to adjust wiper on rheostat (negative biasing voltage value is unknown for me, any help?)
On schematic is that perticular rheostat marked as R204 (value is 100 ohms and disipation is 10W).


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