Low power?

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Low power?

Postby KD8EXX » Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:26 am

I have an ft101e and fl2100b. Only putting out 300-400W. Used to put out about 500-600W. How do I know if it is the 101e or fl2100b giving me the problem?
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Low Power Output

Postby Ghostwriter » Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:35 pm

Hello Bryant,

Disconnect your coaxial cable from the FT-101E and a RF Wattmeter & a Resistive 50-Ohm Dummy Load to the transceiver output connector. Key up your transceiver in the CW mode and you should see between 90~100 Watts Output. If you don't see the rated RF Power Output there's a good chance that your Tube Finals are going soft and need to be replaced. If you do see the 90~100 Watts RF Output then the problem points to the FL2100B RF Amplidier. Disconnect the coaxial cable with RF Wattmeter and Dummy Load from the transceiver and reconnect the coaxial cable to the RF Amplifier.

There could be a couple of different things happening with your FL-2100B RF Amplifier. First check your Primary Power Voltage 121 / 240 VAC from your house Breaker / Fuse Box depending on how you have your RF Amplifier's Primary Transformer wired, either for 121 VAC or 240 VAC, this information hasn't been provided by yourself. If the Amplifier is "wired" for 240 VAC, perhaps you have lost one leg of the 240 VAC line coming to your Ham Shack therefore there's only 121 VAC Primary Voltage feeding the amplifier.

Secondly disconnect the RF Amplifier's Output to the Antenna system and connect the coaxial cable with the RF Wattmeter and the Resistive 50-Ohm Dummy Load (make sure your 50-Ohm Dummy Load can handle 1 KW Output). Again using the CW mode, Key up the transceiver but now you should see 500~600 RF Watts Output. The problem was either the a Popped Circuit Breaker or a Blown Fuse for the Primary Voltage 121 /240 VAC or Soft RF Final Tubes.


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