FT-101 Transmit Frequency Alignment

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FT-101 Transmit Frequency Alignment

Postby KF7GEB » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:54 am

Someone generously gave me a Yaesu FT-101 transceiver recently, and have been using it on the 10-meter band, which is the only band for which I currently have an antenna. I have noticed that the transmit frequency is offset from the receive frequency by about -1.5 Khz. The receiver is perfectly calibrated according to the internal crystal calibrator. I do not know if the problem also occurs on different bands. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? I saw one site where someone was saying to adjust the internal RIT fine tuning, so that they transmit and receive were perfectly aligned when the RIT is off. Is this the correct way to fix this? Any comments or fixes are greatly appreciated, especially now that ten meters is starting to open up. I would really like to get this problem fixed and done with.

The other issue is that on the 10A band setting, the power output is greatest at the lower end of the band, in the CW region, while the voice region power output is about 1 third of what it is in the cw portion. What is required to fix this?

Finally, I need to ask a stupid question. The manual I have for this radio gives the tune-up procedure, and it makes sense, and I have been following those guidelines exactly, but I read somewhere on the internet that I need to watch the plate current to make sure I am not overdriving the tubes. This is the first tube radio I have ever owned, and I am not sure what is meant by this.

-73 and Thanks
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Postby K7ZRZ » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:10 pm

KF7GEB (name?),

This link... http://w3jxq.snycomp.com/ft101/clarifier.html - has the proceedure for getting the transmitter and receiver frequencies together. It's not too hard a proceedure. If your error is as you say, about 1.5 khz, that's quite a bit, and may require some other alignment (not sure about that).

If you are tuning the radio exactly as is prescribed in the manual, you only need to be concerned with the amout of carrier level for cw or mic gain for SSB. You should also have instructions in the manual for proper settings - so that you do not over drive the radio with too much mic gain.

I do own several of these rigs, but it's been several years since I actually operated on one.

For the power reduction issue you have described on 10 meters, you may have an swr or other antenna system loading problem. Are you using a tuner or trying to load an antenna that you think is resonant on that band?

Hope this helps.
Brian K7ZRZ
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Postby KF7GEB » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:27 pm

Thanks. I will try that.

Thats the thing. The manual I have just tells me how to adjust the controls for maximum power output. (put the mode knob on tune, put the carrier switch halfway, adjust preselect for max noise. adjust plate and loading, repeat with the carrier knob a little further, etc) Am I missing something here?

I am transmitting into a resonant antenna. I tested it with an analyzer and everything. I even have this problem when using a dummy load.

BTW. The name here is AJ.
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Postby W4CLM » Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:55 pm

I've passed this along on the forums before. But I'll say it again.
Assuming NO ONE has messed with the clarifier Fixed control under the rig behind the clarifier. LEAVE IT ALONE. Turn off the clarifier before you precede. Most of the time this control is fine, people just don't go in behind this control and turn this setting from my experience. It may have some white paint on it from the factory. Leave it alone.

Now hopefully you have access to a YC-601 or a frequency counter.
All we are trying to do here to get Tx and RX to coincide is to make sure there is NO Jump in VFO frequency when you go from RX to Tx.
Note: You do not have to have the heater on or the rig even tuned up to do this. All you are looking at is the VFO shift from Rx to tx.

IT'S SO SIMPLE. PLUG IN THE YC-601. Calibrate the receiver so it reads 7.000 or any frequency for that matter. I doesn't matter! it's not critical.
Just get it to read something easy on the eyes 7.100 / 14.300
3.900 what ever! Key the rig and see if the counter shits. If there is any shift, all you need to do is move the ZERO SET control on the regulator board to make it coincide with the receiver and you're done! it's a ONE MINUTE job assuming you have the counter.

I have been doing these rigs like this for years, you should be able to get the rig to settle in within a hundred Hertz accuracy which isn't bad for an old analog rig.

= = = = =

Now if you don't have the YC-601/B. You can take a standard frequency counter and connect it to the accessory plug on the FT-101. It's a green cable that comes from the VFO, the pin number escapes me right now.

Key the rig and make sure the VFO does not jump from Rx to Tx.
If it does, move the ZERO set control to the same VFO frequency as you have in Rx. Easy.
= = = = =

It's quick and dirty and works good.
73 Carol W4CLM
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Postby KF7GEB » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:05 am

OK. I didn't really have a frequency counter available. (I hope to remedy that soon) I used an accurate multimeter and calibrated it according to the link. It works perfectly! I have tested it with another ham's radio, and it is all perfectly aligned. Thank you!

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